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spanish immersion program in panama

language immersion program in panama“The goal of this school is the teaching of the language through the life and culture of the host country. I love my culture and my country and for me it is exciting to transmit my feelings to my students through the teaching of Spanish as a second language.

ILERI was founded in 1994 in Panama City, Panama. ILERI is a small, friendly school located in Altos del Chase, 20 minutes from downtown and only 5 minutes away from the most accessible and only seasonal dried forest in Latin America – Parque Natural Metropolitano.

We want our students to live and feel our culture, love our language and practice it with confidence. We teach the Spanish, you learn it and we live it together".

Panamá Also Offers for Tourist

spanish immersion school in panama

spanish immersion school in panama

program of spanish in panama

  • A country with a stable democratic government without an army.
  • An ecosystem rich in fauna and flora.
  • Safety. That is excelent for a language immersion program in panama.
  • Places full of adventure, entertainment and many exciting things to do, for example:
  • Transit the Panama Canal.
  • River rafting.
  • Hiking in many forest locations.
  • Learn about the Kuna culture in San Blas.
  • A visit to Mis Pueblitos.
  • A tour of the historical Panama Viejo and Panama Canal.
  • The Canopy Tour in El Valle.
  • Visit the wonderful beaches of the Pacific.
  • Learn to snorkel in the Caribbean.
  • Visit Refugio Silvestre “Taboga-Uraba”


Programs and Methodology

At ILERI PanamaWe offer our Spanish Immersion Program, where we use the 'Natural Approach Method' of teaching Spanish. This is the same as the way we learn our native language as children; by seeing, hearing and repeating. As the students learn through repetition there is little need for translation by the teachers. The students learn to think and express themselves in Spanish.

panama language school panama language school
panama spanish school

Our goal at ILERI is immediate communication and therefore the emphasis is on conversation, with grammar as a tool in learning. We teach the students to use the language, to live it, to feel it and to use it. The Spanish Immersion Program will help to the student to get more confidence and fluency with the language.

Our students live a cultural and linguistic experience through our teaching methodology and their interaction with the host families and local people.

Students placed through the methodology ACTFL in which the students give a placement oral and sit a written test.

We only have small teaching groups at specific teaching levels. The maximum number of students per class is four, changes can then be made depending on each student's progress and learning needs, so you will learn spanish in panama.

panama spanish school
panama spanish school

The teachers at our Panama language school are Panamanian, qualified with university degrees and all have experience in teaching Spanish as a second language. In addition, all teachers receive further training from our Academic Director. The teachers also join the students on the extra curricular activities.


spanish immersion school in panama

In Our Spanish immersion school in panama We offer Spanish lessons in the morning, afternoon and evening, depending on the type of program selected.

The evening classes are exclusively for our business program.

We offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening, depending on the type of spanish immersion program in panama you select.

The morning classes start at 08.30 a.m. and finish at 12:30pm, the afternoon classes start at 2:00 p.m. and finish at 6:00 p.m.


We offer our Children's Spanish lessons during all the year, also we offer to them our Language Immersion Program where they will live and share with a panamanian family.  It is possible in the morning or in the afternoon.

spanish immersion language school

spanish immersion language school


spanish immersion program in panamaIn the language immersion program all homestay families are carefully selected. The families working with us at ILERI Panama all come recommended. We choose families close to the school so it is possible for students to walk to school. Students staying in homestay will be provided with a private room, breakfast, and dinner and also laundry service.

The homestay families actively help students in the learning of the language and provide a unique opportunity to interact and experience the culture. You will learn spanish in panama.


language immersion program in panama

The students need to send any particular requests they have for their homestay family. For our families it is not a problem to have students who are vegetarian or smokers. Our families are matched to the personality and taste of each of our students and this help you learn spanish in panama. Our families are one of the most important elements in successfully learning the language.



For More Information

Mail Address:
ILERI -- Language & International Relations Institute
0819-11527, Panamá
República de Panamá
América Central


Telephone/fax: (507) 392-4086
Cell Phone: +507 6560-8092

School Location

The spanish immersion language school is located in Panama, Altos de Betania, 17 C North Street, house 20H. El Dorado. Please see The red signal in the map.

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